Introducing: the S5 SL TRIAD

First, we brought you the Tri-Span – then, we introduced the Triad. Now, Silver Stage is delighted to share the newest structure in our fleet, the S5000 SL Triad.

Once again, we’re bringing the latest and best SaddleSpan technology to the UK. The S5000 SL Triad allows for a completely sealed, multi-room, multi-function venue. It is grand, cool and comfortable, with a stylish finish inside and out.

The Triad is unique amongst SaddleSpans in that it has styled entry points. The fabric joining the three spans comes down to meet the floor, leaving perfect three perfect archways. These can either be sealed or used as doorways – the semi-circular portals provide excellent entrance options for clients looking to control access to their venue. There is also the option of linking a Quadra Span structure to act as an entrance hall. Up to three Quadra Spans can be linked at any one time. Silver Stage is the only company in the UK to provide SaddleSpan SL technology, which gives an even cleaner, more streamlined finish at joins and edges. SL structures also feature sleek, unobtrusive feet that give an extra 1.2m height advantage. This brings us to another unique aspect of the S5 SL Triad: a soaring apex roof. It’s even possible to fix a flag pole on top – truly making you feel like the king of the castle!

This configuration allows for an astonishing variety of layouts, making it our most versatile structure yet, and the most flexible, functional and practical design that we’ve worked with. A sophisticated curtain can be used to create indoor partitions for back stage or VIP areas. Our Portico, Extend, and Opera ends can all be seamlessly fitted to the structure.

We feel that the S5000 SL Triad is an instant classic; a classy, contemporary, versatile and practical structure perfectly equipped to host the finest events in the country. We want to get our best and brightest out into the world as soon as possible – so get in touch via our contact form for more information, or to book the S5000 SL Triad for your event!