Case Studies

Clearspan marquee

Music on the Hill Charity Event

Music on the Hill is a charity event raising money for Demelza Hospice Care for Children and Teens Unite Fighting Cancer. The client wanted to use three of our SaddleSpans in a symmetrical arc formation facing the main stage. Upon these white canopies the logos of sponsors were to be projected.

We set up two of our S5000 SaddleSpans in an open configuration and a third S5000, with a portico end wall to create a decadent carpeted VIP area, complete with tropical plants, mood lighting, extravagant furniture and art hanging from internal walls.

The results were stunning with the VIP area going down particularly well with the client. We were honoured to have formed such an integral part of this fantastic charity event and went out of our way to give the organisers the best deal we could.

Wireless and Hard Rock Calling Festivals

Returning to Hyde Park with the Triad for Live Nation’s Wireless Festival for a second year running was a real opportunity to showcase our structure once more at one of London’s most popular summer festivals. The previous year’s event had been the structure’s first UK launch.

The Triad was used to create the Unwind stage at the festival and played host to a number of popular acts including Ms. Dynamite and LMFAO, who performed to a packed out crowd on the Saturday afternoon.

We set up the Triad with an XtEnd Portico to increase the amount of space available in the backstage area and the third consecutive structure was adapted with end walls to create a completely enclosed structure for the Hard Rock Calling festival the following weekend.

Our team adapted the venue to create extra capacity as Madonna’s MDNA tour hit Hyde Park on the Tuesday. This was a huge challenge but our professional and highly capable crew took it all in their stride.

Goodwood Festival of Speed

Silver Stage was contracted by Michelin Tyres to create their stand at the legendary Goodwood Festival of Speed. This was the perfect opportunity to showcase the stunning aesthetics of our SaddleSpan SL S1000 opera formation alongside some of the world’s most amazing cars.

Beneath the canopy were two classic rally cars, a visual testament to Michelin’s long involvement in British motor racing.

The iconic Michelin Man logo was to be displayed using low-tac vinyl wrap on the canopy, fitted by Silver Stage’s branding team. The result was an eye-catching structure that made it easy for passers-by to identify the famous brand.

The canopy and cars all sat on a raised wooden deck. The SaddleSpan was secured to the deck by attaching its base plates to scaffolding feet which were then staked into the ground, transferring the weight of the entire edifice to the bottom and keeping whole thing stable. The whole set up, including all the Michelin branding, was completed in just one day.

Silverstone welcomes Silver Stage

Silverstone is the home of British Motor Racing and having one of our S2000 canopies at the MotoGP is exactly the kind of high speed high profile event that we love to get involved with. The open SaddleSpan canopy was hoisted on base extensions, with Hertz’ branding on low-tac vinyl, supplied and fitted to both sides of the structure by the Silver Stage crew. The whole setup, including branding installation and base extensions, was completed in just seven hours on the day.

With it being a hot summer’s day the SaddleSpan also provided some much needed shade for passers-by with its large canopy span.

BBC ‘Goodnight Britain’ Documentary

The opportunity to supply the BBC with a mobile television studio for their new ‘Goodnight Britain’ documentary ended up a real labour of love. With just a six week window in which to completely refurbish an old 1978 Airstream Excella motorhome, it was always going to be tight.

Six weeks later and we’d fully restored yet another classic American trailer, ready in time for filming. The tireless work by all the Silver Stage team could have warranted a BBC documentary of its own.

The high tech television studio travelled the length and breadth of the country, creating space for the presenters of the programme where they would do most of the filming. It was definitely worth the effort and the Airstream looked stunning on camera, both outside and in.

Corporate Helicopter Trade Show

When we were approached by a large helicopter exhibition in Poland to provide a stylish cover for two helicopters, we knew immediately that this was a fantastic opportunity to deploy our new S5000 SL system for the first time.

With its host of new features the SL was quick to set up without the need for base extensions. The colour scheme was white with a red valance, which slid into position using the SL’s new keder system, along with matching vinyl covering for the ballast concrete blocks. The overall effect was stunning and complimented the high spec helicopters on display beneath.

Arc Bar, Glastonbury Festival

Giving the S5000 SL its UK debut at the world’s most famous music festival was always going to be a special moment for us. The Arc Bar in Glastonbury’s Arcadia zone required a specific look and plenty of height, both of which the SL could easily accommodate as it comes pre-elevated without the need for base extensions.

Replete with a black interior skin, which worked perfectly with the moody purple internal lighting, the Arc Bar was certainly a sight to behold. The SL system allowed us to fit aluminium doors with black tinted windows as well to the backstage area. The exposed trussing, a feature only available on the SL, and huge Mad Max style ‘Arc Bar’ sign, completed the visuals of this stunning structure.

Sonic Stage, Glastonbury Festival 2013

When Glastonbury approached us to request our S5000 in a 5V configuration for the main stage in their new dance field it felt like the culmination of a long journey.

Sightlines to the stage were maximised by raising the structure up on five sets of base extensions, using our own innovative in-house design. Octagon barriers were supplied, not only to protect the structure but also to create the perfect enclosed area for technicians and security staff.

The S5000 5V has a capacity of just over 5,000 and is an absolutely epic structure to behold. As the Sonic Stage it would sit at the heart of the festival’s newly reimagined dance field, the Silver Hayes, as one of Glastonbury’s most popular stages.

Clarence Dock Fashion Show – Leeds

Connecting several sections of pontoon to create a floating deck on the Clarence Dock, our crew worked over water wearing life jackets, joining the truss from one side of the dock to the other. The 2m difference in height meant we needed to use base extensions in order to level the structure. Winching up was done using a complicated pulley system connected to a temporary ballast, which was subsequently used as anchorage for the guy ropes.

Top Gear Event – Hedsor House

When the weather took a turn for the worse at a recent automotive car launch, we were called in at the last minute with the unique request to set up a structure on the balcony of Hedsor House, two stories off the ground.

This was a huge challenge as we had to hand-ball the structure through the house, squeeze past the latest model Jaguar and negotiate a flight of stairs. Top Gear is a huge brand and one of the BBC’s biggest global exports so this was a huge job for us in terms of coverage.

The structure was attached to the top of the balcony which was then used as the VIP viewing area by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. Needless to say, the client was very pleased, as were the Top Gear chaps themselves.

Budweiser Brand Event – Dublin Docks

For this amazing build, our client approached us to create a venue in a unique location – on a floating deck. The long Duo was a perfect mixture of practicality and size, providing plenty of room inside for a successful brand event.

The build process required all the water to be pumped out of the area and the tele-handlers craned in. The truss was then laid out onto the deck and ballasts were put into place. Once the structure was up and secure, the water was let back in creating an incredible floating look.

Helicopter Shade Cover – Farnborough Airshow

An international client needed a bespoke cover on a pitched site during this world famous event. Using an S5000 canopy to span a full sized fighter helicopter, one base extension was used at full height (1.2m) and the other at minimum height to even out the canopy. The levelling of the structure maximised the presentation of the aircraft, leaving the Italian helicopter crew in awe.