Saddlespan Tent Guide

Saddlespan S5000 Collage

The endless possibilities offered by our saddlespan range can be overwhelming!

Here we break down each saddlespan type, with a brief description. Each of these base units except the S5000SL can be combined with others of the same type to create our DuoSpan, TriSpan and Multispan ranges.

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Saddlespan S5000S5000 Saddlespan as The Arc Bar

The S5000 Saddlespan is the largest in the range. With a clear span width of 18m between base plates, it can happily provide stage cover for anything up to a full orchestra. This alongside ease of installation and lightweight structure design makes the S5000 Saddlespan range ideal for festival stages and general outdoor stage hire.

In addition to the Single, Duo and TriSpan options for the S5000, we also offer the Triad configuration and Portico End Wall which are both exclusive to Silver Stage here in the UK.

Colour options include Silver & White, Silver & Black and standard White inside and out.



S5000SL open Saddlespan event structures

Saddlespan S5000 SL

The SL range retains the operational capabilities of the standard S5000 whilst adding a sleeker and more modern look. This, alongside the Extend, Portico and Opera End options offered by the SL, makes for a truly elegant structure

Key to the system’s design is that the structure comes pre-elevated on base platforms that stand approx. 1.2m high. This ultimately raises the finished height of the entire structure, providing a larger event space with increased capacity and no need for bulky base extensions.

See our S5000 SL in action at the 2015 Rugby World Cup Fanzone

Colour options include White & Black and standard White inside and out.



S2000 Saddlespan sporting event canopy

Saddlespan S2000

A tad more cosy than it’s larger cousins, the S2000 Saddlespan boasts the same beautiful curves and flawless design, with a 12m clear span between the base plates. Ideal when hosting smaller acts or when space is an issue, or as shown here, an ideal canopy for bar and guests when raised on base extensions as a DuoSpan.

As as sleek canopy for a stylish product launch the S2000 is perfect, as seen here for launch of the Tesla Model S electric car.

The Saddlespan’s unique aesthetics beautifully complimented this events makeover studio; great example of the versatility of our range.




S1000 Saddlespan Concert car coverSaddlespan S1000 SL

The smallest in the range, ideal for intimate gigs and stage cover or a cosy venue feel. A perfect small event structure.

In 2012 the S1000 SL really showed off the possibilities that we offer when we provided a “deconstructed” trispan for Rizla’s Rizlab at Bestival

The approximately 9m wide clearspan of this structure makes it great for a small stage at an event or canopy for a DJ.






The Most Versatile Event Structure:

The secret weapon of the Saddlespan is its versatility. As a modular system, we can create bespoke configurations by joining multiple spans to suit your requirements and location. A modern, stylish option that is capable of providing ample stage cover for small to large audiences, the sky really is the limit when it comes to providing temporary structure hire solutions. Have a look at our full structure range to get an idea of what’s possible.

Also, it’s not only summertime stage cover at festivals and outdoor events that we cater for. From high-end fashion shows in the harsh Scottish winter to blue chip Christmas parties for thousands of guests, we have got the whole year (literally) covered. All event structures within our range are fully close-able, providing the perfect large marquee hire solution for those looking for alternative types of marquee.

To top this off, our extensive range of end wall options gives even more flexibility. For example, if you need to seamlessly join one of our traditional clearspan marquee structures to one of our saddlespan configurations then the portico end wall is the perfect choice for you.