Silver Stage speeds into Goodwood

Silver Stage at Goodwood Festival of Speed

The famous Goodwood Festival of Speed was this summer graced with one of our S1000 SingleSpan structures with new opera end system. Contracted by the iconic tyre brand Michelin, the structure was home to a radio controlled car circuit and also a legendary Audi Quattro rally car.

With the client eager to have the iconic Michelin Man and logo displayed on the structure, Silver Stage assisted in sourcing the easy to apply low-adhesive vinyl sticker that adorned the exterior.  The result was an eye-catching canopy that made it easy for customers to identify the famous brand.

Goodwood is the largest car culture event in the world and having our structures become a part of this motoring nirvana was a proud moment for us. It’s hard to make an impact when some of the most beautiful cars ever created are being driven here, but the S1000 certainly fitted in, with its stunning opera end system bringing a decidedly sleek and sporty looking structure to the Festival of Speed.

We’ll give it to Porsche though, for creating a structure to truly wow the crowds. Celebrating 50 years of the Porsche 911, the iconic car manufacturer created a bespoke sculpture that featured three 911’s lofted some 112 feet in the air, held in place their by their own white twin ‘jet trails’, in an almost Red Arrows like formation. Fantastic stuff.