Stepping out in style

A fashion show in Scotland gave us a superb opportunity to showcase the versatility and visual appeal of our S5000 DuoSpan Fully Closed Configuration.

An elegant and contemporary catwalk event, DON’T WALK began as a creative response to the 9/11 attacks of 2001. It is held every year in St Andrews, a small university town with a reputation for hosting a good party. But there’s more to DON’T WALK then having a good time; proceeds support charities all over the world.

It made global headlines in 2002, when one of the models was none other than the future Queen of England, Kate Middleton! In fact, it was at DON’T WALK that Prince William first set eyes on his future bride – cementing the event’s place in history.

We used our bespoke joiners to create a multi-room effect within the structure. These joiners are unique to Silver Stage and allow for an incredibly versatile event solution. In this instance, it allowed for the inclusion of an exclusive VIP area, full to the rafters with gorgeous models and champagne – and who doesn’t love that?

The organisers created a stylish and smart experience, which our S5000 DuoSpan complemented perfectly. The structure accommodated performance area, a sizeable audience space, bar and VIP area, creating a large functional venue without compromising on style.

When planning an event, it’s of huge importance to get the right look and feel. Silver Stage’s event structures are ultra-modern and understated – the perfect backdrop for any event!

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