We’re at Glastonbury 2010

Last year our stunning Silver Duo was installed in the Shangri-La area and transformed into Club Dada.

The Shangri-La of 2009 was a futuristic dystopian vision of a pleasure-city ruled by a corrupt power dedicated to enforcing its vision of perfect 24hr pleasure – a regime-sanctioned utopia.

We are pleased to announce that once again our state of the art structures have been booked for 2010!

Club Dada

Brought to you by Continental Drifts, legends of the late night festival, and Silver Stage. The club is a vast mixup of famous secret superstars and Volcano hot festival music from Gypsy to Ska to African Punk and beyond.

Last year, the secret surprise superstars were Lady Gaga and Damian Albarn.
Line-ups for 2010 TBA.

For more info visit Continental Drifts
or visit the Glastonbury Festival website