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At Silver Stage we have been immersed in the world of events our entire lives. Be it in attendance as a spectator, performer or as an industry leader for event structures and stage covers in the UK and Europe.  Events have become a lifelong commitment for us here, meaning we live and breathe our company ethos. To put it simply we have vast experience in the deployment of event structures all over the world, and know only too well the pressure and importance of a stress free successful delivery from beginning to end. We work tirelessly to ensure that your vision becomes a reality.

Silver Stage supplies a spectacular modular range of options for stage covers and temporary event structures both in terms of design and configurations. The adaptability of our fully brandable, visually striking, acoustic tent designs has secured us some of the biggest musical festivals and corporate events in the world.

Alongside beauty comes engineering supremacy – sound and lighting perfectly complimenting the outer appearance through unique architectural curves with no compromise on health and safety. Safety research is a constant forethought in our strategy and we insist on the latest technology and safety equipment. Combine this with our dedication to select the best team in the business, and it is no surprise that we are among the most sought after event structure teams in Europe.

We are also Europe’s largest supplier of TriSpans and the only UK supplier to offer the Triad and SL system, as well as the S2000 and S5000 DuoSpan Extended.

We also supply many alternative solutions to the events industry, such as our classic Airstream trailers and versatile Quadra-Sided structures. These iconic 60s and 70s American vehicles all use solar power to generate their own completely sustainable source of electricity.

Dukes Polo Weekend
News: Champers & TOWIE at Dukes Polo

We could feel our blood turning a few shades bluer this July, at the Dukes Polo Weekend in the stunning grounds of Hylands House, Chelmsford. The event was a veritable showcase of Silver Stage structures. Our epic S5000 Trispan was the centrepiece of the event, housing the stylish VIP section complete…

S2 Concert Tesla
News: Silver Stage electrify at Tesla’s Supercharger launch

Silver Stage were part of one of the most prestigious events in the electric car calendar this June, Tesla’s Superchargers. Our sleek leaf-form S2000 concert structure housed Tesla’s stunning Model S electric cars and Supercharger charge points for their grand unveiling at the Crystal, London. To create additional height for showcasing…

FB_Twitter_Starfields_0496 copy
News: Armadillos and high fashion at Starfields

This September, a gigantic month in Scottish history, we were lucky enough to head north amidst the palpable energy and anticipation surrounding the referendum. Somewhere in the country, Alistair Darling was putting on his cufflinks and brushing his eyebrows. Meanwhile, we were doing the same thing at a fashion party…

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Saddlespan - Cutting Edge Innovation

The SaddleSpan ™ is renowned for its futuristic sonic sound providing awesome internal acoustics through architectural genius.

The additional engineering triumph of the SaddleSpan is its sophisticated curved design. This removes the need for internal support columns creating extra space and visual impressiveness, whilst still remaining safer than any traditional marquee. The SaddleSpan can also adapt to any environment and be set up literally anywhere.

The versatility of the SaddleSpan and its breath-taking ability to transform any event, large or small, is the reason we champion it as the temporary structure of choice. To this end, we are constantly offering UK exclusives by bringing you the latest models and configurations when they hit the global market. Furthermore, we have a policy of researching the most sustainable and eco-friendly options in terms of materials regarding fabric, membranes and energy sources.

So whether you are putting on a small private function, a huge festival, a corporate trade show or a blue chip product launch, at Silver Stage we have got it covered.