2015 Rugby World Cup: Our Sporting Hatrick!


This season we’ve done not one, not two, but three sporting events! First up was the 2015 Eurohockey Championships this August, followed by Birmingham’s Bikefest, and finally, the 2015 Rugby World Cup. That makes a hatrick this year for Silver Stage and sports – we’re out of breath at the mere thought!

We brought two of our S5 SL sports canopies to the Fanzone Area at Eastside City Park. Branded beautifully with the Rugby World Cup logo, the saddlespans acted as a shelter from sunshine and rain for spectators; one as an open canopy, and another with a closed ‘Extend End’ back. Sleek, modern and aerodynamic in shape, they look right at home at sporting events.

The Birmingham stadium, Vila Park, hosted two Rugby World Cup games this September. The mood was tense in the stadium as South Africa battled Samoa on the Saturday 26th, with Australia vs Uraguay on Sunday 27th. Who won? We were far too busy admiring our canopies to notice!