A grand entrance: a simple guide to our tent-ends

That’s right, first impressions last! The vast array of tent ends and entranceways we offer on our Saddlespan temporary structures will help you make a big impact when your guests make their own grand entrance. From our palatial red-carpet porticos to our grand concert arcs, we’ve got plenty of options which can be put together in any combination for a completely bespoke setup. But it needn’t be confusing – here’s a simple guide to our custom end-walls.

Opera end




With its sleek curvature, the stunning Opera end will make a dramatic entrance of its own. The back-of-house can either be closed or open, to create privacy for artists at a concert or a welcoming public entrance. The optional internal curtain acts as a stylish screen between front and back of house.
Available with roller doors or sleek aluminium framed glass doors

S5 Trispan- Portico End wall small





The angular Portico end can be used to create luxury VIP areas or additional backstage space. We also offer the Portico end on our exclusive S5 SL temporary structure, which is an extended and improved system that’s completely unique to Silver Stage.

In 2014, our Portico end housed a luxurious VIP area for the Dukes Polo Weekend in Chelmsford.

Available with roller doors or aluminium framed glass doors.


S2 Concert + Base + Branding -Classic end (2)





Simplicity meets style with the Classic end. With two stretch-membrane triangle doorways leading from either side into the interior chamber, the Classic end makes a great tent-front or backstage area.


12 . Extend-end






The Extend end is a closed stage-back, similar to our Opera end in shape but with extended sides for more interior floorspace. The extend end makes a fabulous back-of-house or luxury backstage area.
Available with roller doors or aluminium framed glass doors.

SaddleSpan Concert @ Chiswick House, London




By far our most popular configuration for music stages, the Concert is a completely open front with broad sightlines to the stage for those standing both inside and outside the structure. In 2014, our S5 Concert front played host to #BA Music stage at Isle of Wight Festival and comprised the Arc Bar at Glastonbury Festival.

Whatever your requirements, we’ll tailor our structures to suit. Please get in touch if you’d like more information on our end-wall configurations.