Brand New S5000 SL System

SL S5000 Just LandedWe’re extremely pleased to announce a brand new addition to the Silver Stage fleet. The S5000 SL system is exclusive to the UK & Europe and gives our clients yet another solution for the perfect event. As well as the usual customisable options that are a key feature of all our structures, the new SL system has some unique tricks of its own.

Key to the system’s design is that the structure comes pre-elevated on base platforms that stand approx. 1.2m high. This ultimately raises the finished height of the entire structure, providing a larger event space with increased capacity.

Our brand new valance option gives you the perfect way to add a splash of colour around the outside of the SL system. The valance is slid in to position using a keder system, covering the external side of the support trussing and presenting an immaculate finish to the structure. It also presents a great low-cost way to brand your event or display sponsor logos. Depending on your event, the sleek silver trussing can be left exposed whilst still giving a sharp finish.

We’ve got some fantastic images of the new S5000 SL system on our website gallery page, and don’t forget to keep up to date with the events we’re working on via our social media feeds.