Champers & TOWIE at Dukes Polo

Dukes Polo WeekendWe could feel our blood turning a few shades bluer this July, at the Dukes Polo Weekend in the stunning grounds of Hylands House, Chelmsford.

The event was a veritable showcase of Silver Stage structures. Our epic S5000 Trispan was the centrepiece of the event, housing the stylish VIP section complete with luxurious seating area. A portico end wall opened up to allow guests the optimum view of the polo game whilst sipping their ice-cold champagne.

As if the impressive silhouette of our Trispan wasn’t enough, our legendary Silver Bullet Bar was set up inside the Trispan, serving as a platform for the event speaker who made announcements while guests enjoyed their meals.

All the event catering was housed in our very own 10×10 Quadra-Sided structure too. In fact you barely had to walk a few metres before you came across one of our many versatile 10×10 and 5×5 Quadra-Sided structures, offering much-needed shade from the July sunshine.

And as if the day couldn’t get any more sophisticated, the cast of The Only Way Is Essex soon turned up with ITV cameras and production crew in tow, putting us centre stage of one of the country’s favourite TV shows.

We’d like to raise our glasses to toast the Dukes Polo Weekend. Stay classy Essex!