Silver Stage electrify at Tesla’s Supercharger launch

S2 Concert TeslaSilver Stage were part of one of the most prestigious events in the electric car calendar this June, Tesla’s Superchargers. Our sleek leaf-form S2000 concert structure housed Tesla’s stunning Model S electric cars and Supercharger charge points for their grand unveiling at the Crystal, London.

To create additional height for showcasing the beautiful green supercars, we raised the structure using our newly-designed ballasts and base extensions, allowing five brand new cars to take centre stage. With the structure to be erected on 30-40% pitched ground, our first challenge was levelling it – nothing our base extensions couldn’t handle! It looked spectacular with Tesla’s branding both inside and out, organised by Silver Stage.

Brainstorm and Matrix Events did an incredible job of making sure everything ran smoothly, and the event was a roaring success.

It was a major milestone for the electric supercar manufacturer, a point highlighted by the presence of legendary Tesla CEO and founder, Elon Musk. The Silicon Valley billionaire also founded PayPal and even plans to fly tourists to Mars within the next ten to twenty years, through his SpaceX Company.

Musk took the opportunity to hand over the keys to Tesla’s first right hand drive Model S Cars to launch in the UK. With more high profile individuals and celebrities going green, it was great to see Fifty Shades of Grey author E. L. James line up to receive the keys to her new Model S, later expressing her excitement to journalists at owning what will surely become an iconic eco car.

Powered by a solar array on the roof, The Crystal was a fitting venue to unveil Tesla’s stunning new electric cars and charge points. Silver Stage are investing in new sustainable technology, including renewable power options for all our structures. We’ll tell you more about that soon!