Building the Dyson Spacestation

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Are Dyson planning to become the first technology company to blast off into space? We wondered too, after building this epic space-hub at their corporate Christmas staff party this December.

Located at the stunning Bowood House & Gardens in Wiltshire, the epic space-age setup was comprised of our Triad with 10×10 and 5×5 Quadra-sided tents added using our brand new joiner system. The extra hubs created a maze-like multi-room venue with a variety of spaces, from chill-out areas to back-of-house kitchens to a full-on stage and bar.

The interior was heated using a state-of-the-art pipe-based heating system to keep guests cosy throughout the night. And with our brand new joiners, guests could walk from the main Triad structure to the toilets, sheltered under a Quadra-sided tent, without ever having to go outdoors.

It was a true honour to build for Dyson, one of the UK’s most innovative companies at the forefront of their field. We’ve found our sleek structures are perfect for showcasing ultra-modern design: the two go together like Luke Skywalker and lightsabres. And that’s why we count both Dyson and Tesla among our clients.

In the wake of Storm Desmond, the Silver Stage crew battled high winds and stormy conditions – but the structure went up without a hitch. Kudos to our crew, they’re invincible!