S2000 DuoSpan is Raising the Roof

S2000 DuospanThe S2000 DuoSpan is the latest addition to the Silver Stage family and it’s certainly made us proud. Featuring base extensions that allow it to be raised up to 1m off the ground, the DuoSpan adds more height to its sleek long canopy, creating huge spaces that can be closed off for private events or opened up to give amazing sight lines wherever you’re stood.

So what makes the S2000 so special? Well it’s the versatility of this beast that sets it apart. The S2 Duo is a medium size structure which makes it perfect for exhibitions and events as well as permanent covers in public spaces. Comprising of two magnificent S2 SaddleSpan structures linked to each other by a duo joiner, we’ve created an event structure that effortlessly combines scale with style, functionality with looks, and adaptability with ‘wow’ factor.

But actions speak louder than words, which is why we’d like to direct your attention to New York’s Central Station, where the S2 Duo served as a permanent cover for pedestrian flow.

Unique and exclusive to Silver Stage, the S2 Duo is now available in the UK so if you’re thinking of adding a little grandeur to your upcoming event or function, then you might want to book now to avoid disappointment in the future.

The S2000 DuoSpan certainly is one sleek beast and we’re certainly expecting to see big things of it in the future.