Living up to the Hype: The S5000 SL One Year in

SL webIt’s been a fantastic year for the S5000 SL System with this bold new structure making a big impact at events right across Europe. The S5 SL first touched down in August 2012 at a corporate event in Poland where it played host to a couple of helicopters under cloudless blue skies. Two months later and Strasbourg was the SL’s next stop, this time with opera end, ballasts and aluminium doors, creating a closed off environment for a very polished and professional looking corporate function.

Summer 2013 really couldn’t have been a more different environment for the S5 SL with its UK premier performance taking place at the Glastonbury Festival, under the guise of the legendary Arc Bar in the Arcadia Zone. With a black and white interior and black curtains set beneath the Arc Bar’s huge metallic sign and complete with tesla arrays, the S5 SL looked quite at home next to the Arcadia’s huge mechanical spider, which kept the crowds partying until dawn.

Next on the agenda was a smaller and undoubtedly less full on affair with another corporate event, this time in the beautiful grounds of Arley Hall, where the S5 SL served as a music stage for the first time. With branded valance and black backstage curtain, the S5 SL put on quite a show, proving its versatility.

We don’t think its hyperbole to say that the S5000 SL is a thing of beauty. Based on the smooth lines and angles of the original S5000, this new and improved design comes pre-elevated on base platforms, creating a larger and satisfyingly epic interior. A valance option unique to the S5000 SL gives the option to add a streak of colour or corporate branding to the structure. This feature really sets the S5000 SL apart from all its contemporaries in terms of aesthetics. The sharp parabolic arc of the canopy is instantly accentuated by the contrasting band of colour or corporate graphics, masking the support trussing and allowing the S5000 SL to blend perfectly into whatever environment it finds itself in. And it’s been in quite a selection already.

As well as some successful corporate events, the S5000 SL has already found itself the backdrop of countless euphoric festival moments to many thousands of happy revellers, who have entertained and been entertained beneath its shadow this summer.